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Latest updated committees (July '07)

Committee Chairs should submit a Committee Report 
to their BOD liaison for each month's BOD meeting
and cc it to all their committee members.  (minutes 8-15-06)

Alpaca Committee:
Debbie Shellabarger-OH - Chair
Deb Gaskill-OH
Peggy Curtis-OH
Judy Doran-OH
Pam Hall-IN
Deb Yeagle-OH
BOD Liaison: Kay Sharpnack
Election Committee:
Sherry Adamcyk-CO - Chair
Lougene Baird-CO
BOD Liaison:  Wally Baker
Ethics Committee:
Maryan Baker-CA  - Chair
Rob Spencer-OH
Steve Berry-TX
Allen Davis -IN
Toni Strassburg-Pearce-CA
BOD Liaison: Lora Crawford
Fiber Committee:
June Black-NC-Chair
Lee Ann King-OH
Susie Smithers-OH
Geri Rutledge - NE 
Sharon Beacham-CO
Cindy Ruckman-OH
DOB Liaison: Julie Heggie
Finance & Budget Committee:
Craig Swindler-NC - Chair
Malcom Tallmon-TX
BOD Liaison:  Dan Milton

Grand National Committee:
Norris Berg - WI - Chair
Sharon Carrier-TX
Dee January-NE
Kathy Geyer-OK
BOD Liaison: Kay Sharpnack
Handbook Committee:
Helen Feick-TX - Chair
David Allen-TX
Sheri Hefley-TX
Karen Conyngham-TX
BOD Liaison: Ken Fenley
Judge's Committee:
Lavona Fercho-CAN - Chair
Judie Moser - OR
Geri Rutledge - NE
Cathie Kindler-OH
Dan Goodyear-PA
Phil Feiner-NY 
Lougene Baird-CO
BOD Liaison: Penny Davidson
Nomination Committee:
Trish Brandt-Robuck-CA - Chair
Deb Sund-NE -Rocky Mountain Region
Jennifer Jones-CT  Eastern Region
Lillian Beck-GA  Southeastern Region
Mike Gerken-OH   Buckeye Region
Deb Garvin-OR  Northwest Region
BOD Liaison:  Lora Crawford
Performance Committee:
Melanie McMurray - Chair
George Clements-WI
Nelson Leonard-OR
Ellen Goldsmith-NV
Patti Morgan-KS
Kathy Nichols-CA
Susan Raven-GA
BOD Liaison:  Wally Baker
Policy & Planning Committee:
Jerry Miller-MI - Chair
Steve Berry-TX
Ray Howard-MI
Tracy Pearson-GA
Margo Unzicker-IN
BOD Liaison:  Julie Heggie
Promotion Committee:
Mandy Gerken-OH - Chair
Dan Milton-OR
Stacy Wilkins-NE
Mark Smith-IN
Bob LaMorte-MI
BOD Liaison:  Dan Milton
Protest Committee:
Jim Nenni-IN - Chair  
Jerry Miller-MI   Policy & Plan Comm.
Shawn Norman-OK   Exhibitor
Maryan Baker-CA Ethics Comm.
Pam Jensen-WI Level III Judge
Lavona Fercho-CAN   Judges Comm.
Deb Garvin-OR   Past BOD Member
Jim Nenni-IN   Show Supt.
BOD Liaison:  Ken Fenley
Publications Committee:
David Armer-NV- Chair
Barb Baker-OH
Deb Gaskill-OH
Norma Stevens-CA
BOD Liaison:  Lora Crawford
Regional Committee:
Betty Moe-OR - Chair
Mike Haumschild-OH    Buckeye Regional
Sharon Carrier-TX   Central Regional
Annie Higginbotham-WV   Eastern Regional
Ann Barkley-MN   Great Lakes Regional
Glen Pfefferkorn-OR   Northwestern Reg.
Jeff Rucker-CO   Rocky Mountain Reg.
Maryan Baker-CA   Southwestern Regional
Karen Pihera-GA   Southeast Regional
BOD Liaison:  Kay Sharpnack
Show Management Committee:
Phil Feiner-NY  Chair
Barb Parsons-WI
Glen Pfefferkorn-OR
Bill Schultz-WI
Danielle Wagner-CA
BOD Liaison:  Wally Baker
Website Committee:
Marilyn Nenni-IN - Chair
Steve Katzakian-CA
Les Flynn-NV
Ken Austin-OR
John Maddy-OH      
BOD Liaison:  Dan Milton  

Youth Committee:
Barbara Harris-CO - Chair
Lauren Wright-FL
Pam Hall-IN
Simon Zadina-WI
Tabbethia Haubold-NY
Mary Jo Miller-KY
Marilyn Nenni-IN
BOD Liaison:  Julie Heggie
Membership Committee:
Pam Jensen-WI - Chair
Tom Rothering-FL
Jan Gordon-NH
Annette Mulholland-CO
Heather Koenig-OR
Jim Rutledge-NE
Robin Bohac-CA
BOD Liaison: Penny Davidson

Alpaca Llama Show Association
Cheryl Ryberg, Secretary
607 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA  15202
Phone:  412-761-0211
Fax:  412-761-0212
Email ALSA


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