Regional Shows

New Regional Map

Regional Show Committee:

Betty Moe
-OR - Chairperson
      Mike Haumschild-OH   Buckeye Regional
      Sharon Carrier-TX   Central Regional
      Annie Higginbotham-WV   Eastern Regional
      Bill Schultz-WI   Great Lakes Regional
      Glen Pfefferkorn-OR   Northwestern Regional
      Jeff Rucker -CO   Rocky Mountain Regional
      Maryan Baker-CA   Southwestern Regional
      Karen Pihera-GA   Southeast Regional
      BOD Liaison:  Kay Sharpnack

New Changes for 2006 Shows:
Juveniles do not need to qualify for Regional or National shows.

New Regions & Regional Boundaries Formed in 2006:

Rocky Mountain Region: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico
Great Lakes Region: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois
Central Region: Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas
Eastern Region: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,
 New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
Southeastern Region: North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia,
 Alabama, Mississippi, Florida
Buckeye: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky
Southwestern Region: California, Nevada and Arizona

Northwestern Region:  Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Obstacle Driving Class Has Been Added to Class List for Regional
and National Shows.

Regional Shows - Part E, Section 2, E-5 to reflect:  All Get of Sire and Produce of Dam award winners must show using Get and Produce that have been part of a Get of Sire or Produce of Dam entry at an ALSA show.  Any other offspring of the same sire or dam may be shown provided the offspring has been shown at an ALSA show during the current ALSA year.  These offspring must be recorded with ALSA. 

Alpaca Llama Show Association
Cheryl Ryberg, Secretary
607 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA  15202
Phone:  412-761-0211
Fax:  412-761-0212
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