Lama and Adult Showmanship Recording Form 

     For a one time charge of $20.00 per llama or a one time charge of $20.00 per adult showperson, ALSA will track the points your llama, alpaca, or adult showperson (alpacas are only in performance) earns while participating in ALSA shows.  Once you have received an ALSA number (L1234) for your llama or adult showperson, all points and championships will be recorded and tallied for ALSA's various levels of accomplishments. 

The fee is only a one time recording fee per animal or adult showperson. During the year that the recording
fee is paid, a person may request the ALSA Office to research all show results for the current calendar year and accumulate points previously earned for that animal before the animal had obtained an ALSA number.  This search is at no additional charge. There will be a $25.00 per animal or adult showperson per year fee for accumulating points on the animal or adult showperson in any year or years prior to the year the recording fee was paid. This is possible starting with the 2002 show season. 

There will be a $25.00 per animal per show fee
to research show results prior to the 2002 show season.

In order to keep your animal's points accurate, or the adult showperson's points accurate, the exhibitor is responsible for including the llama's ILR/CLRC number and the llama's and adult showperson's ALSA recording number on each show entry form. 

If you are only needing an Adult Showmanship number, please only fill in the owner information below.

There is a $15.00 transfer of ownership fee and a $15.00 animal name change fee. Forms for these last two items are available from the ALSA Office.

Recording Form

Fee: $20 (Recording Fee)
Additional Fees (only if they apply):
        $15 (If Transferring Ownership)
        $15 (If Changing the Animal's Name)

Llama ILR/CLRC Number.
Registered Name of Llama....
Birthdate...... Sex: Male Female Gelding:

Transfer $15
Recording $20
Owner's ALSA Membership #.
If not a member, you may join now.
Owner(s) Name.
Ranch Name.....
State...... Zip.
Phone.... E-Mail.

Placing Report
Please fill out if you are recording your llama after earning points at a show.

Show: Date:
Class: Place:
Class: Place:
Class: Place:
Class: Place:
Class: Place:

Method of Payment?
This is a Secure Server for the protection of your credit card information
You may pay by Credit Card (no debit cards!) Visa or MasterCard
Account # Expiration Date

Check: If paying by check, please "print" a copy of this form and mail along with your check (payable to ALSA) to
 ALSA, 17102 Mueschke Rd., Cypress, TX 77433
Or FAX: 281-516-1449
Or Phone: 281-516-1442

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